There was no denying the deep connection between them. Their friendship had graduated to not just that of a sexual relationship but something for which words often escaped them. Nonetheless, the energy between them was electric and non-forgiving when they were alone. They had only been lovers for short time but it seemed as if the Universe had unfolded on something the cosmos had known of for eons. She had made arrangements to have the kids stay with her Mom so she could take him to the office Christmas dinner.

After dinner, and after stealing coquettish glances stealthily during the meal when they could get away with it, people were starting to disperse. Under the table, his slid hid hand from where it sat on her thigh up to her inner thigh stopping just short of her opening. She felt a gush of excitement and she squeezed his leg hard. Feeling himself hardening already, he let go of her and shifted his focus to the mundane so he could get up from the table without being noticed. They said their goodbyes to the other guests and moseyed off to the parking lot.

The light snow had covered the car while they were at dinner. Getting inside, the snow dusted windows provided perfect shelter as he stole a deep kiss from her willing lips. His hand slipped inside her shirt as he gently flicked her hardening nipple. Knowing they had the house to themselves, they hurried off to get home. After a mile of driving and caressing each other as they sped along, she accidentally brushed his pants while she was rubbing his leg and felt how hard he was again. It was a short drive home but she wanted him inside her mouth now. She unbuckled her seat belt and him as well, swallowing him deep for a few seconds as an appetizer for what was to come. Thinking it was enough to satisfy her until they got home, she giggled and then buckled up again, leaving his hard cock exposed. But he didn’t put it away and seeing his member fully ready, she reached into her pants and touched herself. Her already wet pussy gushed again as the warm moisture seeped all over her panties. She reached into her shirt and began massaging her breasts. Staring at his still hard cock she began stroking herself more furiously until she came all over herself knowing within hours he would be riding her like an animal making her cum again and again.