Hey guys,

Have you ever have this happen to you?

You see a cute girl nearby and she is kind of checking you out, maybe flicking her hair or smiling at you? Your eyes meet, she looks down bashfully with a coy smile and you think to yourself, ‘Oh this is great! We will hit it off for sure!’ So you muster up some gut and saunter on over ready to charm the pants off her. You say hello and start chatting, but as the conversation goes on, you notice her expression change. She seems more uninterested and her eyes aren’t shining like they were before. You keep talking and after a few moments she totally blows you off. You feel confused. She obviously thought you were cute and the conversation was going fine, or did you say something wrong?

Well, if you’ve ever experienced this I can assure you that you did say something wrong… but not with your mouth.

“What is my body language saying?” Most of us guys never give it a second thought and why would we? It seems like such an insignificant aspect. But could it be more? The answer, of course, is yes.

You see, long before we had spoken language our earlier ancestors learned to pick up on subtle body-language queues. This is an ability that, over hundreds of thousands of years, helped us to recognize danger, the emotional state of our fellow tribesman and even help identify a suitable mate. Interesting isn’t it?

I’m sure now I’ve got you thinking about it, you might recall a time when you could tell how a person was feeling just by looking at them. Were they slumped over, drooping their head in sadness? Were their arms crossed, shoulders bunching up nervously? Or was their body warm, open and inviting (I’m sure that moment was a good one to remember)? The point I’m driving home is this: Our body language and posture speaks volumes about our personality, our confidence, intention and our emotional state. So when it comes to first impressions, poor body language can ruin your chances with a prospective love interest. And we don’t want that, now do we?

Right about now you’re probably saying to yourself “Okay, okay… body language. Right. Got it. So what should I be doing with my body in order to hit a home run with that attractive brunette over there?”

Well my fellow single men, I’m going to tell you one little trick that will make a huge difference and it has to do with the ways we human beings ‘telegraph’ what we want.

It’s like this: People have a tendency to face our bodies towards what we want. We square our torso, shoulders and point our feet at something that holds our interest. A cool car. A delicious looking meal. Or an attractive, potential lover. It’s only natural, BUT (and this is a big but) when it comes to approaching someone, this can be a step-backwards.

The problem is we all speak body language but few of us know what were saying, and when you approach that cute girl and completely square your body at her, it sends a signal that screams “I want something from you!”.

Little does the average man realize, wanting something from someone you don’t even know is off-putting (to say the least). In fact, it’s down right creepy. Funny thing is, A LOT of us single men do exactly that. And we really shouldn’t, should we?

So how do we fix this? Easy. Next time you approach that cute girl flashing you the googily eyes, do this: Walk right up, throw out something light and flirty and angle your body slightly away from her; almost speaking at her over your shoulder (but not quite). Lean back a little as you talk, putting most of your wait on your back leg, like a Greek statue. Hold your head up high, shoulders back and down (like the manly sex machine you are)and for god sakes STAND UP STRAIGHT! You will be sure to get her just a little twitter pated. Be sure to ask for her number, while you’re at it.

The Single Man