The Blue Suit

While the Charcoal suit may be the most versatile for the parties, funerals, and formal events, the second piece added to the four legged stool is arguably the most important. The blue suit is the one to elevate your suit collection from “Mom got me this for graduation,” to “I am ready to be promoted.”

This is “The Banker Suit.” Worn traditionally as the business professional suit, the blue suit is a must for your wardrobe. This was traditionally navy, the darker the better, however, going a bit brighter gives a little more contrast to the charcoal that you already have. Best worn with tan or burgundy shoes.


Keep It Simple- One again, this is about versatility. This suit should also be a basic color, without a pattern. Patterns are remembered too easily to wear often. Keep this a solid, and keep it open to a lot of shirt and tie combinations.


Flash It Up- Breaking the rules is a dangerous proposition with menswear. You either look like a revolutionary, or a schmuck, or a fossil. When it comes to the blue suit, black shoes are a source of contention. Used to be, our fathers and grandfathers would only wear black shoes. Then, sometime in the mid 2000’s, that became a no-no. Now, as long as the shade of your blue is light enough, black shoes are a great way to make the look pop.


Continued in Part 3…