3: The Light Grey Suit

The third leg is the light grey. This is what I call the “dummy-proof suit.” It is light enough that it works well in both daytime weddings and at the office, and dark enough to be worn year round. It is versatile enough to go with brown shoes, black shoes, burgundy shoes, green shoes, Chuck Taylor’s, or Jordan’s. Now . . .if you wear the last two, we will have a different conversation about being an adult when needed, and Justin Bieber whenever else. The point, is that it goes with nearly everything.

Keep It Simple- This is the suit in your wardrobe that is the most likely to be worn to weddings, and reunions, and office parties. It goes with any color that your significant other can wear, so it makes it useful if it is a basic solid. However, if you have the other two basics, this one could have a basic pattern like a sharkskin or check.

Flare It Up- Since this has very few color restrictions, this suit can best accompany your bright dress shirts. If there is a crazy colored shirt and tie that your girl loves and thinks it matches your eyes perfectly, this is the suit to wear it with.

WARNING!! When wearing this to a formal evening event, remember that the more formal the event, the darker you want to dress, so go with dark colors in the shirt and tie if you decide to wear this in lieu of the darker charcoal option.