Chivalry isn’t a word or a something that isn’t heard or used often. It doesn’t mean that you have to do something that is notably big but, something small can be very significant. Men don’t need to be so strong, confidence or successful and yet men forgets the most important thing that is needed in life. Men has to realize that making a difference is not only for themselves but to someone else is the true chivalry that we need today.


In this modern society, many men are already egotistic. “Every man for himself.” They forget that life isn’t always about themselves. Being so self-absorbed and not a damn about anyone is a ongoing problem. What is the point in that kind of dignity?

Today’s damsels of distress are still out there to be saved. To men, they think “It’s just the time of the month.” or “Being too self-conscious.” while women think “I’m depressed because he doesn’t care”.

Give a little bit of concern. Everyone needs a friend or even a listener. Just 5 minutes of your time to lend a shoulder can carry a load away. Or just ask “Are you okay?” is enough.


Men might think that being kind is to be nice. No. Nice is not the same as kind. You can try to agree with someone and give your opinion, but that doesn’t make anyone feel any better of themselves.

Kindness can go a long way to appreciate something you can do. When a man opens a door for someone. He pulls a chair at the table for the woman. Pays for the first date. Why do these things make a man to be gentlemen? All these considerations a man can give makes someone especially a woman feel important or special and he isn’t asking for anything for return. You don’t have to be too giving. One gesture can become valued and significant to a person because it shows that he cares. If a man doesn’t have the decency to do it, then he must be a wussy.


Being responsible can show how man matures. These days, maturity is often confused with masculinity and milestone achievements. Just because a man can do these things doesn’t mean he is responsible. Men don’t need to have or show off what they have to be a responsible man.

Once a man makes a mistake, does he acknowledge the problem? Sometimes, a man doesn’t express or admit it. In order to grow, he must know the faults, what is the problem and finding a solution to it. It makes a man wiser and understanding because he knows what to do. A man must  “man up” to do something to or handles a situation.  If he gives the time and effort, it shows that he does it to prove himself and even better than who is he then.

Chivalry = Compassion /Kindness /Responsibility

These are the main components of what makes today’s chivalry which is often overlooked.  Just one deed makes one person’s day better. Do the little things. Make an impact. Doing something makes a man become a knight any day.

Yours Truly,