It had been months since they first made love. While it was never awkward, their confidence had grown as they learned each others bodies and how to please each other fully. He looked across the table at his beautiful lover as they finished their meal. A glint in her eye told him she wanted him again. They had made love not more than two hours ago, but by her subtle glance, he knew she wanted him again.

He crawled under the table, beneath her chair, on his knees and began caressing her thighs. Slowly and forcefully he stroked her from just above the knee stopping just short of her opening again and again. He could not see her face from under the table but her felt her already pulsing and writhing in her seat in anticipation. As he came up her thigh again, this time he stopped and pulled her pants down. She lifted from her seat allowing him to drag her pants around her ankles. He took one finger and ran it up and down her slit teasing her clit for a few minutes, tapping her gently and she hardened in excitement. He buried his face in her pussy, licking her as she trembled in her seat.

He pushed the seat back to find her rubbing her breasts while he was eating her out. He let her continue and kept eating her intently, watching from below. She pulled her shirt off, looking down at him as he continued. He began kissing his way up her body until he reached her chest and he buried himself inside them, flicking her nipples with his tongue as he passed. As he rose up she could see how hard his cock was, half busting through his pants. It was always true that whenever she was turned on, he would always follow and get equally excited knowing she was feeling pleasure.

She yanked at his pants, not even bothering to unbuckle them and pulling them down over his hips. She stroked the outside of his underwear, looking at his bulge with a bird’s eye view. As he tried unfastening himself, she took his cock out and began gobbling on him. She wanted the taste of his dick in her mouth and across her tongue. As she bobbed up and down on him, her hair bounced to the beat of her head moving up and down his shaft making him insane with lust. As she sucked him, he reached down and began stroking her pussy again as she moaned, mouth full of his cock.

When she took her mouth off of him, she looked up at his green eyes and said, “Fuck me now, Lover.” He lifted her from her shoulders, hard cock flapping in front of her and tossed her gently onto the table. Excited, she spread her legs ready to receive her man but he turned her over and entered her pussy from behind. A gentle thrusting eventually became a full throttled pounding as they both groaned and became light-headed. She came hard as he rubbed her back and reached his hand around to touch her face. She held herself up on the table and sucked his fingers while she orgasmed as he stroked her.

Her turned her over again entering her immediately. He took her ankles and placed them on his shoulders while he thrusted back and forth, around in circles, pulling her by the hips down on his shaft, and sometimes holding his deepest penetrations for seconds at a time. Not able to hold back anymore, he thrusted one final time soaking her and himself.