The Mackintosh


The raincoat has always been a necessity, for some time, it was an unfortunate necessity. There was no real way to make the rubberized, waterproof fabric look great when the rain came pouring down. However, walking in the room dripping from the rain was always a motivator to suck it up and find a solution.

The Trench coat, aptly named for the origins in the trenches of World War Two, was made cool again thanks to Humphrey Bogart in on the beaches of Casablanca. From that point on, people tossed it on and wore it, proudly proclaiming, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The Mackintosh is a more modern version of the trench coat, a little shorter and losing the belt, it is usually a tan or camel color. Don’t be afraid to wear it with anything from a suit down to a t shirt and jeans. The point of this is to keep you dry. However, it doesn’t cover the head, so don’t be too proud to carry an umbrella. I am talking to you Portland.

Flash it up- If you are going to go all Humphrey Bogart with the Trench coat, don’t forget the fedora, or the booze. With the Mackintosh, don’t be afraid to contrast the lighter color with blacks and dark blues underneath, and fold the sleeves back to show off the watch or the shirt cuffs. Also, try to keep the color the tan and camel. The alternative could be the bright yellow, Callin’ Dick Tracy!!