The Navy Sport coat

No wardrobe is complete without the fourth and final leg to the stool, the navy sport coat. There is always going to be the confusion between the Blazer, the Sport coat, and the suit jacket. Again, a later discussion. What you need to know, is that the sport coat has buttons that typically do not contrast with the jacket, while blazers have metal buttons that pop. The idea behind the sport coat is to keep it a little more casual, and dress up jeans, or dress down the shirt and tie.


Keep It Simple- When in a casual situation, the sport coat speaks for itself. You are dressing UP a pair of jeans or chinos, so you don’t need to get too flashy with the shirt and tie underneath. Keep this in mind, if you elect to go with a blazer (gold or silver buttons), chinos and a white shirt will look like you are right off of the Harvard Rowing Team. A great option for an evening out is a darker shirt and casual knit tie under the sport coat and jeans.


Flash It Up- If you want to stand out, don’t do it with a shirt and tie, a pocket square will add a dash of color. Make sure it compliments the shirt or tie (complementing the shirt is more formal, complementing the tie is more business), not matches. If they look like they were made out of the same material, it looks like you got it out of a boxed set at Khols.