Hey guys! I’m your sexy girl-next-door that has more man friends than girl friends. We work out, hang out, go out, and skip the make out…because we’re friends, an undervalued asset for male-female relationships. Men always talk uncensored around me. They forget I’m a girl myself when filling me in on their escapades, or wondering how to ‘get a girl’s attention’. They forget…except when I show up in heels and a dress. Then they remember. Wink 🙂
I guess men are comfortable around me, probably because I’m comfortable with male sexuality and sympathetic and curious about male experiences in general, although, believe me, I have my own opinions!
I think I know a thing or two about men because I’m always listening…and I think the info has helped me a lot in dealing with men in a non-judgemental way, respecting their vibe and still getting what I want!
The funny thing is guys don’t really pump me for information! That’s exactly what I would do if I wanted to gather intel. So here’s your chance…ask anything you want…sex, dating, love, friendship, from the female perspective…uncensored!